Frequently Asked Questions

The wax doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Regardless of what people say, it doesn’t hurt that much, otherwise women would not do it over and over again.

It’s important that after the wax, you don’t exercise or go swimming (avoid sweating the waxed area) because the sweat can encourage skin redness and irritation.

It’s normal for the skin to be more sensitive for 24 hours after the wax.

If you feel uncomfortable you don’t have to take your underwear off. It’s absolutely up to you.

Generally, you should wait a minimum of 2 weeks.

The best interval between waxes is 4 to 6 weeks. However, the length of the hair can never be too long.

There are 2 rules:

Rule 1: Never pick them, because it could result in scars.
Rule 2: Try to exfoliate at least once a week. It’s really good to use normal ordinary cooking salt, as it’s an antiseptic.

If your in-grow hairs get out of control, you can use ‘In-Grow Go’ lotion. It costs £11 and it lasts a reasonable amount of time. It helps.

It’s absolutely safe to have the wax done whilst you’re pregnant. If you are planning on delivering via C-Section, I recommend you perform a wax 1 to 2 weeks before delivery as the doctors/nurses will require you to shave the area.

I only do strip wax.

It’s best if you sunbathe 24 hours after the wax, as the area will be sensitive.